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Last night October 28, 2014 again as many other times ABUSE, BUT THIS TIME AS NEVER. I AM NOT SURE, HOW I AM ALIVE.

October 28, 2014

I went to sleep about 11pm and I did the usual try to clean as much as I can the dust or put creams just to try to fix what wicked is setting me up for.  Like on Sunday my son abuser, his step brother made my feet and hands dried and I got a black irritation on my skin that still looking ugly.  Those are very popular on Black people skin and then they leave a purple scarf.  Well this is part of the reasons why I hate them.  All day long I felt my glasses bothering me and I know is the Chevron midnight EE who forced me to go most of the time with number two just to catch on my soul.  Yes, I am crying.  I’ve been refusing to go as I know his sole intentions.  At first I thought they were nice, but not anymore.  Don’t ask me how I felt so cold, freezing, terribly freezing and sore.  I was in pain while many were going speeding to catch on my soul.  They cannot understand that all my life we have been one.  I never realized if in fact ever happened before that he was going out or so.

I’M TIRED OF THESE ABUSERS; I FINALLY LIKE I DID WITH MY FAMILY.  I’M GIVING THEM UP; THEY HATE US; THEY DON’T CARE OR APPRECIATE THE FACTS: “I USED TO WORK HARD AND I ALWAYS PAID ON TIME.”  Today, I was at the corner and believe me I am having diarrhea BC one of them made me go and since then five times without having much in my tummy.  I just hope God will take away fast, without pain; go to sleep and never wake up again.  I hate the representatives, I hate Chinese, Blacks, and Indians not the Indians Americans.

My blanket were totally cold as they forced me not to leave space between the plastic covers and me so perspiration made that wet and cold BC of the cold outside.

Yes, I still crying.  I feel is much more than hate what they have against me, my children.  I feel that they are treating us worse than animals.  I am feeling and hearing a pigs calling my soul’s attention.  I have no right to go for a higher education; I cannot have my family near me BC “Darling, honey, they called me at times just to use me and destroy me or offer drugs or so.”

I in fact don’t want to work anymore.  I don’t care to buy what many times they destroyed or took even my bicycles.  I do not think these people care for this country and now so don’t I.  Go away, go away poor.  you can plant your vegetables and get ahead.

I believe it was about 3am when I finally realized what it was happening, but by then my body was aching as now.  If I always say I work on places where I am happy, certainly, I am not happy.


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  1. Reblogged this on In The Name of The Lord, Eloi Yahweh, I am coming! and commented:

    I read yesterday through ZOA, I don’t exactly know what they are: “Israelites, Jews, if anything I believe that throughout all the wars, slaveries; the change of nationality due to fear one way or the other, very few really are & many are part of other races as their children were rejected.”
    What I’ll say in their behalf as I found the dictionary description of gypsy people as liars, robbers, . . . This is shameful as there is no perfect race not even out of the only God’s family who have been handed on mercy or hands of others as they flank to listen & did not have fear or faith of only God who cares & love all of us as his creation.”
    I read about King David swapping as Goliath & if I put together my discoveries of prayers, curses & use if witchcraft by “this country,” (not exactly as really behind scene have always been: China (Tea Co. Who to make profit sold Black people as slaves; Africa- Apartheid who on those years were Whites, but there was also participation of wicked Black people who set up whole world in poverty as now for them to take over good lands ready to be exploited by them to become rich: “New Zealand, among others.” India people have been no less participating.” They are the ones who swapped the Israelites images for “The Americans, but also not exactly as wicked have been the one who benefit.” The liars, the pigs, the cowards who many times have been using the word of only God who commanded Israelite people to be fair. (read 10 Commandments).
    I’ll say, I’m not perfect, but if I came following & believing & trying hard to go by it never ever having any Jew or Israelite next to me is BC those commandments were so deep into the heart of those people that their children heritage them by blood. I’ve no doubt that is what many have been taking from me: “My love, care, my friendly warm heart that used to make 30 people to wait for my service at Lyon’s restaurant.
    They swapped not just the love of people from this world for this country & the hatred against the Israelites, but they couldn’t also swap the good hearts & the following of only God Commandments; they have been robbing, killing & taking advantage of poor.
    Isn’t that poor Blacks were not slave, abuse, rape; but many of the Black wicked with Mayor Lee knowingly fought what they put together for profit & money: “Selling Blacks as slaves.” Some truly suffering out of that misery, but others setting up the poor Whites & others from around the world who was on forced poverty for elite to do as please. It was a big starvation as the one forced in Mexico Gulf-USA coast with BP Oil disaster & then September 11 that had put the American economy in danger & behind on payment as they were the ones who planned it & executed it. The double Condoleza Rice among others working the mind of the South former presidents.
    They are doing no less now against the USA as done to Israel who for years have been fighting wars that just keep that part of the world in poverty & unable to be as others like happened here with September 11 are the mind of the crimes.
    Hypocrites, pigs & cowards who among themselves transferred tests & help each other not just to be the majority for higher education (50% at Berkeley) while the Americans no matter wicked or not deny the right to get ahead as that have a lower rate of unemployment & higher rack of salaries.
    Wicked do not understand the brain washing & if they hate what supposedly King David or the Israelites did: “You are doing no less against your own children; no matter the race still half part of you.” Again our children, the biggest treasure; the gold that only God grant us as we (2=1) are one flesh interacting with him. Eu someone said: “No, baby worse than that as you are the real liar, the killer, the pig who in combination with wicked representative believes that they are generous as giving you part of the highest taxes they force us to pay.”
    ZOA learn to read & understand the opposite as wicked believe we are the image & that was the reason why USA wicked government was one of the only government & countries who didn’t rejected you or started hating you as many others did. I’m sure through the use if the wide spread recently discovered media: “TV, radio.”
    For his sake open your eyes world; open your eyes Americans: “Religious are been use for the best interest & sake of the ELITE MAFIA from China, Africa & India who is setting up 99 percent worldwide & warranty no wicked out of the 99 percent will do it as frequencies & technology is the main nowadays. Support a public accusation against wicked government who ignored my child report against his steps at VHC with a CPS representatives as SJPD several times called to report the several dried shit & per marks in my child pants.” No wanders: “He was kept locked in his room eating mildew food, making shit & pee as not having a toilet.”
    But who kills with iron dies through irons & that is the reason why Mexicans are not realizing the changes in their famous Mariachi with beautiful well-dress singers & players for fat-tummy singers that as come goes & these mafia is taking their lands as using our taxes to attract through maquiladoras to the poor forced in poverty as done worldwide to forced 4,000,000 in a very short time as they landed in America. This is a worldwide crisis. They are making sure that majority feels only God hate us just to do as please with 99 percent as they will be the ones. Luckily, I’m sure he knows there is no fear, no faith & they are pigs & cowards: robbers, hypocrites as the dictionary described wrongfully to the gypsies BC there is no perfect race & poor even from those country are like me, my family: “Abuse, exploit, rape & set up to take our talents unless only God is in between.” Believe & stand in the real name of the only God, Eloi Yahweh, not Jehovah; follow o the best of your capacity his teaching & commandments & have fear or faith no matter the put together of humans-religions.”

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